What is Sanforized

Sanforized Fabric: Sanforization is a process that is intended to minimize or eliminate the effects causing shrinkage of fabric.  Shrinkage in the length and width of the fabric occurs due to the effects of heating, humidity, water and cleaning processes on the fabric.  Purpose of sanforing is to ensure width-length stability of fabric (to give the form to the fabric that it will have after many washes), to touch it, to open the wrinkles and iron them. 




Minimization of fabric shrinking rate. 


Ensuring that the fabric keeps its form and sizes when it is subjected to heat, humidity, water, cleaning and steam ironing. 


Since number of yarns per centimeters in the fabric increases it becomes more resistant. 


More fabric elasticity.  The reason it that, since number of yarns per centimeters in the fabric increases, the waviness-sinuosity increase. 


It is important to know the shrinkage amount of a fabric.  It helps determining how the product will be designed and created.  All product parts, fabric accessories, lining and yarns should be assessed in terms of shrinkage.  Otherwise, there will be folds or distortion of shape (irregularity) in the fabric. 



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