Why İndanthrene

These are pure dye materials for cotton, linen, viscose, rayon.  They are rarely used for polyamide dying.  They can also be used as wool, polyester, acrylic and modacrylics as mordants.  They are used:

They can be successfully used always for dying frequently washed articles, cotton shirts, curtain materials (light-colored items used as sunshade) and similar articles that require similar high light and washing fastness.

Use of indanthrene dyed yarn in production of stripe and plaid fabrics gives many advantages in practice.  That kind of fabrics are slashed before weaving of dyed yarn and raw yarn, than slash removal, bleaching, mercerizing or bleaching processes follow.  It is the only type of dye that can resist all these processes.

Features and Advantages of Indanthrene Dye



Since indanthrene dyes generally have very high dye efficiency, they are not effected from dyeing conditions where dye shooting rate changes.


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